IWIP Submission Guideline

IWIP is aimed at providing an excellent avenue for academicians, students, researchers, professionals, engineers, and scientists from academia and industry to share their research findings and building network for further collaborative research in Image Processing. Submissions to IWIP 2022 are available in the electronic submission system: http://confsys.iconf.org/submission/iwip2024; or you could submit your paper by email directly via: iwip_conf@163.com.

1. Download and according to the Paper Template for formatting submitted paper.
2. Submit your papers via electronic submission system or email to iwip_conf@163.com
3. Submit papers to before Submission Deadline

IWIP Fully Paper Template or LATEX

IWIP Online Submission System

Statement of IWIP 2024
1. The official language of paper is allowed to be English, other languages are not acceptable even in Figures or Tables.
2. Please check your papers' grammars and refer to Paper-Template. Prepare paper in MS Word and PDF format.
3. The construction of paper should be complete, which including title, authors' information, abstract, introduction, etc. and references mostly in last 5 years.
4. All papers will be reviewed based on originality, technical or research content or depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability.
5. The paper is limited within 8 pages and additional page will be charged 50 USD per page.
6. We welcome and encourage the submission of original papers which are not being submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere. Plagiarism in any form is not allowed.

Review Process
All manuscripts are subject to blind peer review by competent reviewers in the relevant field and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence. The reviewers identity remain anonymous throughout the process. The review process is as below:
* Each paper will be subject to preliminary review such as relevance to the conference topics, repeated publication and repeated submission after submission.
* The conference secretary will inform authors the preliminary review via email around 7-10 days.
* Once the paper has passed the preliminary review, it will be delivered to reviewed by at least two-three independent reviewers according to the technicality, content, applicability and etc.
* The conference secretary will send a notification along with the review comments to authors via email before/on notification day.