Call for Papers

IWIR 2024 Call for Papers Flyer

The conference and program committee of IWIP 2024 would like to invite those working in areas related to digital image processing to submit full paper or abstract, which will be presented as either oral or poster at the conference.
Submissions will be double blind peer reviewed by experts in the field, and accepted full paper after registration and presentation will be published in the conference proceedings.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

▪ Image & Video Analysis and Segmentation

▪ Image & Video Coding and Transmission

▪ Image & Video Labeling and Retrieval

▪ Image & Video Perception and Quality Models

▪ Image & Video Processing

▪ Image & Video Storage, Retrieval, and Authentication

▪ Image & Video Systems and Applications

▪ Image Acquisition

▪ Image and Video Compression

▪ Image and Video Processing Architecture

▪ Image and Video Retrieval

▪ Image Coding and Compression

▪ Image Formation

▪ Image Processing

▪ Image Scanning, Display, and Printing

▪ Image Segmentation

▪ Image-Based Modeling

▪ Image-Based Rendering

▪ 3-D and Surface Reconstruction

▪ 3D Modeling and Visualization

▪ 3D Shape and Structure Analysis

▪ Adaptive and Clustering Algorithms

▪ Adaptive Filters

▪ Adaptive Signal Processing

▪ Animation and Motion Capture

▪ Applications in Telecommunications

▪ Array Signal Processing

▪ Biomedical and Biological Image Processing

▪ Biomedical and other Applications